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Lighting is starting to act up


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I've had my K70 RGB for a year and a half and the lighting on it started to act up.


A couple of keys (F5-5-T-G-V-RIGHT SHIFT - NUMLOCK - KEYPAD 6) are switching colors all by themselves. It's like the RED color is failing from time to time and gets replaced by blue. So let's say I'm setting my keyboard with a solid red color on all keys (no effect, just a solid color), those 8 keys will be blue or a shade of purple in between red and blue. Happens on other colors too. Sometimes they revert back to solid red but then go back to a blueish color.


There's definitely something wrong as the color flickers going from full blue to full red and all the shades in between.


Oh and I've tried to reinstall CUE already. Doesn't seem like a software problem really.


Controller failing? RMA?

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