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Old M65 Angle Snapping Issue


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I keep angle snapping OFF, because it drives me crazy and I overcompensate in my movements when playing FPS with it on, and then I miss anyway. But every now and then... it glitches on? I have no idea what's causing it, but it's driving me crazy, and I can go into the settings for my mouse with the software, and it'll be set to off. So, I can try toggling it on and off, nothing, stays fixed on, I can try turning it on, closing it, opening it again, setting it back, still nothing.


I think if I reboot, the problem's immediately solved on next boot, but I don't really want to reboot my computer just to fix a weird problem with my mouse... the mouse itself isn't faulty either, aside from the mousewheel button not working anymore, but that's okay, it's been well loved.


This is NOT the RGB M65 I'm talking about, just one of the first edition 8200 DPI mice.

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