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Can't send H100i via air mail because it contains liquid.


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I requested an RMA on my H100i the other day and it was approved. I have to send it to the RMA centre in the UK and I am sending it from Ireland.


I was told by my local post office that I cannot send it because it contains liquid, which is prohibited.


On the print out I was given by Corsair it says the address label and RMA code must be clearly shown on the outside of the package. I have the option of posting it via Parcel Motel, but their print out will cover the one from Corsair.


If the Corsair print out isn't shown outside the box would that effect my RMA? Can I just put it inside the box with the cooler?


I would contact Corsair support directly but I wouldn't be able to get an answer quickly seeing as how their call center is in the US and emails take 24hr+ to get a reply.

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