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Dreaded VOID USB and Discord App Problems


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have lastest CUE, lastest firmware(s), still no joy with discord ...


wired VOID USB, everything works fine with the usual suspects (skype, steam, etc) ...


issue is no audio in discord - mic works, can hear discord app sounds, just no CHAT audio in discord ...


any ideas what to look for next ?

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If you dont hear other people speaking.


Check "User Settings"-> voice -> basic


Output volume (should be around mid level).

And check the outputdevice. This should be corsair void or default of you have set it as standart device (not communication device) in Windows.





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yes, been there , done that, and all combinations of default audio devices, de-install/re-install CUE, etc ...


something obscure is amiss, just seeing if anyone else ran into anything that's not on the usual-suspect/obvious/not-so-obvious list ...



you tried to use other speaker to see if it is a non headset related problem?

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went another route, works great .. corsair has become too sketchy, not the only issue I have had recently with them ... low quality brand now ... thanks for your responses

Sorry dude but the problem was with your headset, Discord works fine with me and a friend. (We both have VOID 7.1 USB headsets)

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