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Normal temps for an i7 6900k?


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Hey everyone!


I've recently built my new rig. I have been a long time AMD fan... as in since 2002. Recently / Finally decided to build an Intel. I picked up an i7 6900k. To keep the little monster cool, i went with an h115i cooler. Gorgeous cooler, installation went perfect. Replaced the thermal paste with Arctic Silver, etc.


As i said, this is my first Intel build. Getting to know my machine, i've been keeping an eye on the temps of the processor.


I overclocked my AMD 8350 from 4.0 to 4.8 and it never broke 40C on any of its cores while running idle with my Corsair h80i keeping it cool.


This 6900 is not overclocked, running at 3.2, and some of the cores are breaking 50C. Does this sound right? Is this normal? Should i be nervous?


Thank you in advance for your help.


~ Cheers!

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Probably normal. Core behavior on Windows 10 is very... spiky. There is nothing any cooler can do about that. If you use something like Aida64 with its line graphs for frequency and cpu core activity you can see it jump to 50% usage when you open applications. My highest peak core temps for the day will come when I launch the program, not the 2 hour load during it. Not sure who to blame for that, Intel or Microsoft.


If you are looking to see if the cooler is working properly, we need your approximate room temperature, your H115i Temp (water temperature) from the LINK application at idle, and keep an eye on that reading. You water temp should be slow to change. Rapid rises in water temp or unusually high marks over your room temperature might indicate a problem.

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It is very doubtful anything is wrong with the cooler. You would not be able to hold a 27C water temperature at idle and any loads would cause rapid changes in that value.


A far more common problem is less than perfect contact between the pump block and the CPU lid. This usually causes both high idle and high load temperatures, often to the thermal limit 90C+. It is very unlikely you have this issue either, both because the data doesn't support it and the 2011-3 socket does not require the additional backplate most often responsible. It's very hard to do this wrong with the 4 simple screw downs on your X99.


So at this point, it may just take a little time to become acclimated to your CPU's normal loading. If things start to change or move out of normal range, then we can take another look. Why Windows 10 thinks we need 12-16 cores fully active to open the Theme Settings or launch Chrome is another matter.

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