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Group reactive lighting


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I know I can add reactive lighting to all keys.

Can I add reactive lighting to a group of keys or do I have to add each individual key to its own group?


example: Number pad on the K95 RGB to have its own reactive typing color of yellow. So I would need to add 17 groups for each key on the number pad to have each key light up individually when pressed.


If I use the marquee tool to select the number pad keys to a single group and then press any key in that group all the keys in that group light up.


Razer supports group reactive lighting. I just tested on my Blackwidow X.

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Yes you can add reactive lighting to a group of keys. The group can be any keys you select, as long as it's more than 1 key.




if I select the group and right click on the group of selected keys ->Assign new lighting->select SOLID or Gradient -> on keypress-> end after 1 second.


this lights up all the keys within the group at the same time.


the submenu under PROFILE->MODE for "reactive lighting" does nothing but apply reactive lighting to all keys...not groups

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Wow, I think I figured it out...but wow.

If you select a group of keys with the marquee tool and right click assign new lighting, add just a solid base light. Then add those same keys to a new group and assign another lighting effect for reactive lighting the reactive lighting will not work and all keys will light up solid at the same time.

I really hope that CUE2.0 has a better layout.

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