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ax760 fried hdd and cd/dvd player?


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Hello everyone.


I am new to this forum and made my account because of my problems with my power supply.


So here it goes.


Today i bought a secondhand psu, the corsair ax760


i immediately noticed that the cables from my old psu would not fit (those that are used for hdd/ssd's those 6pins) that was great for me because i did not know that it is very dangerous to switch cables. now i assembled everything and started it. windows would not boot, pc went in the bios, apparently only my ssd was recognised by my bios, checked the hdd and it was dead, cd/dvd player is also dead, the rest is fine ( i think) so now i lost all my data on my hdd, including parts of my final thesis...great. in a moment of panic and stress (and me having a nature of doing before thinking) i removed all the cables, so now i am not sure but i think i may have plugged the cables wrong, pretty sure i plugged the 6 pin from the hdd and cd/dvd into the 8pin, because it fitted and could not see it very good.


so my question is, did i f***k up or did the psu have a voltage peak that killed the hdd and cd/dvd and if so, did it damage the rest of my pc. i would like to add that the psu is less then 3 years old and so i has 4 more years of warranty, and it would seems strange that such a high end psu would give me these problems?


best regards.

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It sounds like you fried the items by plugging the cable into the wrong port.


You do not have a warranty since it was purchased second hand. Their warranty isn't transferable.



Corsair provides a non-transferable warranty to the purchaser of Corsair hardware product purchased from an authorized Corsair reseller.
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