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Void Wireless Security and Features


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i have been eyeing the void wireless headset to replace my dying vengeance 1500, however one thing that I'm worried about is how secure the wireless connection is. is the connection encrypted or secured in any sort of manner, or is it sent unprotected to reduce latency? and if it is protected, how is the connection secured? i'm assuming pairing also shares an encryption key between the headset and the receiver, but i want to make sure.


the reason I'm asking is I'm living in a college town apartment with decent access to tech, and if I've thought of it they've done it.


also, is there a noticeable amount of latency during gaming and video playback? I've had Bluetooth headphones that lagged behind the screen and I don't want to repeat that experience.


and does the void share some of the problems the vengeance series had, such as the ever present hissing and exaggerated volume? I've dealt with the hissing by muting 'line' and 'mic' as well as messing with drivers, but it would be nice to have a volume range bigger then 2 to 10. also, does it leak as much sound with the new ear cup design?



and lastly, can i connect the headset directly to my PC or PS4? I'm assuming i cant since its not listed on the website, but if it is possible does it offer any improvements at all? and will it allow the volume buttons to work with the PS4? is the battery replaceable, or is the headset effectively junk when it dies? can it work without the battery? i definitely want a wireless headset, but i want to be aware of any shortcomings that come with it, as well if i can circumvent them when i don't use that functionality.


thanks for taking time to read and answer!~

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I don't know if the connection is encrypted, but the signal can't barely go for 5 meters or a wall/door. So I would assume that anyone out of the room won't have access to it.


There is "no" latenty (ofc there is, but not noticiable)


I don't know avoid vengance problems, VOID may need to be used at low volumes tho, 10-30% depending on you.


You can connect the headset to the pc (not sure about ps4 never used one) it will charge the battery but I'm not sure if this one is dead VOID will continue to work.


The volume control should work for Windows (not sure for other platforms)


Battery is not replaceable, if it dies on warranty time or can't stand charge while plugged, Corsair will replace the headset.

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I find this kind of funny that your estimation of 5 meters means that we're all good and don't worry about it :bsflag:


My headset works through 2 concrete walls in 2 rooms down... and sure as hell works in my upstairs and next door neighbors apartments...




Folks this is a HUGE security concern... Whatever you say in your headset is potentially being eavesdropped every time your mic is on. Whatever you play on your device can also be eavesdropped.


I would also really love to know what kind of security features this device has.

So we need to know, actually, is it encrypted or no?

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