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Corsair void wireless rgb headset problem

chd rachers

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ok so i am a pc gamer and a ps4 gamer and i liked being able to use my wireless headset for both activities. i used to use a ps4 gold wireless headset and it started breaking so i decided to go for a more reliable headset. after reading that the mic and headset work except for program specific features on ps4, i decided ill get it because i honestly dont care about editing the features on ps4 or using the volume control. ok, so the mic doesnt work on ps4; however, it does work on pc. i searched up my problem several times to come across the same thing "the headset is compatible with ps4 but not all features" yeah i know that, but the ps4 doesnt pick up the mic at all. its as if the ps4 doesnt know theres a mic there but it does know the headset is there. i can change the volume for the ear pad parts and hear volume coming from the ps4 but no luck on the input picking anything up. if theres anyone that had this problem and got it working or if the mic just doesnt work on ps4 id like to know what i should be doing now
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