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Corsair ML120 Pro PWM standard


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Just got a few of the ML120 Pro fans.

I don't have enough headers on my motherboard to connect all of them, so i got a few of the EKWB PWM splitters so i could connect the rad fans together as they cool the same rad anyways. But the fans just run at 100% when using the splitter. (tested the fans and they run correctly when connected directly to the MB.)


I know most motherboards run the intel pwm standard 1.3

That standard states that the PWM Signal should be at 3.3V


And i know that connecting multiple PWM fans on that signal causes this issue if the fans are specced to use a 5V PWM signal. But still work if only one fan is connected.


So if any one knows what the ML series fans prefer as PWM voltage. Or if you have any other relevant info regarding this it would be greatly appreciated.



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Why not use the Cpu_fan and Cpu_opt headers for the rad fans (or connect them to the cooler, depending on which one you have) and sort out the case fans with the splitters?


First of all I run a custom loop with 2x 4x120mm rads.


So with 8 fans to connect, i can't fit all of them to the cpu_fan and cpu_opt.

Yes i CAN connect them to the splitters but then the fans wil run at 100% because the PWM signal received by the fans is too low a voltage.


Wich brings up my question again, does the ML series prefer 5V or do they use the standard set by intel, and use 3.3V like they should as motherbords use that standard.

I know that previous fan series by corsair did not.




I did check that page. it does not gime the the information needed.




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