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Fans connected to my H100 are going full blast at all time


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I have an older H100 from about 2011 or so.


I'm running four fans on the radiator. One of the fans started making a lot of noise so I unplugged it. Now the remaining fans on the radiator are going full blast when they are plugged into the H100 block on the CPU.


The cooling block on the CPU is no longer lit up and seems like clicking it does nothing anymore. It's supposed to have 3 or 4 different settings that you can change by pressing the button on the cooler.


I figured that the water cooling set up stopped working but my CPU temps seem to be fine. I played Battlefield 4 and the temps didn't go up much.


I just unplugged the remaining fans on the radiator and temps started to go up.


So I guess my h100 is broken, right?

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