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H80i gt pump issue.


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So I just built a new PC from the ground up, and chose to install the Corsair H80i GT cooler. Upon initial startup, there was a loud buzzing sound coming from the pump. I figured it was just break in noise, but watched the temps just to be safe. The temps quickly rose to around 70 degrees Celsius, so I shut down to prevent any harm. I uninstalled the cooler completely, checked to make sure the thermal compound was evenly spreading across both the heat sink and CPU. Everything checked out there so I reinstalled it, carefully checking each lead and everything. I turned the system back on and the sound was still there and the temps quickly rose to almost 90 degrees Celsius. The CPU fan was showing 0 rpm in the bios. I have yet to install Windows due to the temperature rising so quickly. I plugged the cooler into the CPU_fan header as instructed, and plugged the usb into its header as well. I tried all the different headers but still nothing. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the size of my question but I like to be thorough.
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