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H100i not detected by CL


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Hi, I've had my h100i for roughly a year or so.


Back when I was on Win7 it was perfectly fine, I set some RGB colors for the block, set fan speeds, etc.


I upgraded to Win10, disliked it, wiped hard drive and ran Win7 for a time. I forgot to install CL so it ran like that for months. I decided to upgrade to Win10 again as it would soon no longer be free.


I noticed that the fan speeds were not changing, and were at idle speeds, I also noticed my CPU was throttling. I installed CL thinking that would solve everything.


CL wouldn't detect my H100i. I tried putting the USB plug into another header on my motherboard, uninstalling CL, reinstalling it, and many restarts.

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Here's a picture of SIV, in case you want it.


I suspect you ran SIV64X.exe directly from siv.zip so SIV could not operate as designed. Please delete those SIV screen shots and do as below.


The files in the siv.zip release should be extracted to C:\Program Files\SIV\ or similar and SIV should be run from there.


I also need to see [Link Devices].


The SIV [uSB Bus], [Link Devices] and [Link Status] panels allow the root cause of many hardware issues to be determined and resolved. If you need help with a CL hardware issue I recommend posting these screen shots.
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Yes, I assume you noticed they are rather different!


The H100i used to be connected to port 11, but is no longer detected.


I assume the H100i fans are spinning and it is getting power.


You need to double check the H100i -> USB Header cable and make are it's properly connected.


If that is OK, do you have a USB Mini to USB-A cable that you could use to connect the H100i to one of the external USB ports? If so try doing this.


If would also be worth power cycling the H100i just in case the firmware has crashed.

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