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I bought a Void headset earlier, and everything seemed fine until i tried out the microphone. When I decided to try it out, all i heard was a very muffled and buggy version of my voice, and the volume was very low, even with my audio settings very high and my microphone levels being as high as possible. Is this a problem with my microphone?
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Do you have the bended Version?

Otherwise bend it yourself like this:




As it turns out, Corsair themselves have discovered a workaround for the volume issue. See, the mic only swivels up and down, not left and right. But the microphone is mildly flexible, it turns out. You'd never think to do this for yourself because it's incredibly rigid, but it can be bent to an angle that brings it closer to the user's mouth. Do that and your volume issues will be solved.


Future production runs of the VOID headsets will come with the microphone pre-bent to the optimum shape. For now, users will want to bend it to a good angle themselves.







The newer produced ones are bend between the 1st and 2nd gray/white/yellow part.




I hope this helped.





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