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H90 LGA1150 install - missing screw holes


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I am moving my H90 from an older LGA2011 board (Gigabyte X79-UP4) to a LGA1150 board (Asus Z97 Deluxe). My old board came with a very nice CPU backplate that included nice threads for my H90 screws. However the new Asus board does not have anything... no plate and no threads to screw anything into (see attached pictures). Is it supposed to come with one, or do I need to contact Corsair for a mount kit? Or do I contact Asus for a backplate??


I have attached pics of both the old board and new one...



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OK thanks... I could not remember if the H90 came with that because I bought it 3 years ago. I assumed it did not because:

1) I googled stock pictures of my old board and it shows the plate on it out of the box


2) Checked the H90 manual under "what's included" and didn't see that plate anywhere...


So I'm still confused... am I missing something?

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2011 motherboards come with a backplate "built in", wheras 115* boards just come with holes to install the backplate that comes with your AIO cooler. There should be a backplate (or 2) in with your cooler, if not you can get one from Corsair.


Awesome thanks! I called Corsair support and they pretty much said the same thing.


Fortunately I saved everything from the H90 box so I was able to find the plastic square and alternate thumb screws. What threw me at first was that I was looking for a METAL backplate (like on my 2011 board) and didn't think the plastic ones could be used at all. Also I found the metal cylinders with screw threads inside to mount the bracket in.


Whew... SO happy I have a solution now! I LOVE my H90 cooler mostly because it's a single fan and was dreading having to swap out for a 2-fan system.

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