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760T is hot garbage for $200 price range


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So, let's get the pluses out of the way, hinged doors with latches, this is what sold me on this case. It's a shame the entire industry still wants to use sliding and interlocking side panels in this day and age with thumbscrews, even though they're more secure they've always been a PITA when you need to get into the case. But most looking at a case this size aren't going to be toting it around too often, probably.


The top front angled I/O panel, the layout is pretty decent, the buttons are really nice, but no lighting for the ports is a bit of a letdown since others are doing this. But overall the aesthetics of the front with dual fans and panel and filter-ish grill looks great, this would be the second thing that made me choose this over the CM 5 this case was sitting beside in the store.


Now for the glaringly ugly.


Hard drive cages are crap, the one in the front in front of the fans was a trapezoid when I opened the box for the first time. I realized quickly why this was when I removed the riser then tried to get it all back in, it doesn't really fit there with the cage and has to be forced into place. Apparently this is what happened on assembly in the factory so one cage is useless unless I want to dick around with bending it back square.


The plastic risers that the cages slide onto? HOW is that supposed to work when the bottom case lip prevents them from actually sliding out? Oh you flip the case over and break out a screwdriver to remove the FAN screws biting into the plastic. Not really modular at all, so why do the pics show these with thumbscrews holding them in in many of the adverts for this case advertising modular HDD bays?


Also if you use the rear riser bottom mount, which covers the woefully inadequate one size (120mm) fan mount that has no filter, then you may run into the problem of your PSU being too big to fit in there, or if it barely fits, then the cables are all squished over, OR you just gotta go with a scrub small PSU, which if I wanted a scrub PSU I wouldn't have bought an expensive mid-tier case to put it in.


Lastly, if you hang the HDD cages from the forward bays up top you can't even get a damn hard drive in them if you screw it in securely. They hit the mobo tray on the case before the plastic HDD holders can lock into the metal cage. So maybe you put your SSDs there instead of using those hokey side plastic pieces? IDK..


Dual speed fan controller.. populate all 4 leads.. really LEADS? when every case in this price range has a dedicated controller card hidden away?.. anyways populate all 4 and well.. it gets noisy, not in the OH my fans are loud noisy, but in the damn that's a lot of RF noise coming from there. Perceptible whine in that area at both speeds, it's apparent there's no isolation for each fan, like a fan controller card might have and the PWM is trying to sync them all up. So either you use all the same fans for all 4 leads or you don't use them at all. Shameful.


Now for the mobo tray.. I've seen aluminium baking trays with more stiffness. I just don't even have words for how flexible this is, but if your kid is in the school play as a thunderstorm he can take this case along and warble the mobo tray and win the talent portion for best sound FX. Not even kidding, I never knew an actual mobo could flex that much after being installed securely. Well you learn something new every day.


And that top area.. who came up with all that meshed metal being exposed in one go? Couldn't opt for modular pieces to match different sizes? Not that you can really fit a larger water cooling radiator up there with the forward facing 5 1/4" drive bay drop mount in the way. I mean you can force it, but last time I forced anything I ended up on a list. But there's more exposed grill on this thing than you'd see at a national pimp convention.


And the last issue, which is a culmination of all the above, it's near damn impossible to get positive pressure in this case, which makes it a dust suck. 2 front intake fans, flipping the rear fan to blow in, and installing the carpet sucker on the bottom (once you realize that the HDD cage is just not going to work there with your PSU) will just barely get you there.


I've had this built for 48 hours now, it looks fantastic all done up diddly with my junks, and it's already FULL OF DUST.


But I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow... and I'm probably going to take back this 115i watercooler as well since it's been weeping fluid from one of the rad hose connections since install.


Which is just a shame since it does look good


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