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Corsair Sabre Optical RGB Issues


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Hello hello!


I recieved the Corsair Sabre Optical RGB mouse today and I love it!

However I have a few issues with it that i'm pretty sure are fairly simple to fix but I can't really find a solution at all.


Issue #1: I have changed the DPI Up & DPI Down button to a media button instead being Volume Up and Volume Down respectively, however, if I want to change volume a lot I have to click it a lot of times, is there a way I can hold it down like my old mouse used to do?


Issue #2: It seems that my mouse entirely depends on the software for my profile to be recognized & to work.

The moment I shut down the software, the lighting configuration and DPI seems to stay, but any button assignements & stuff seems to be gone to the default instead.

Same story goes if I don't launch the software at the start of Windows.

And yes, I seem to have correctly saved the profile to the memory of the mouse but to no avail.


And there goes, if you guys could help me it would be awesome! My old mouse died on me, I bought this one, it's awesome but I feel like those small issues kinda ruin it a tad bit.

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