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H80i V2 not on Corsair Link


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I previously had a H80i, I just bought a H80i V2 as that one was 2 years old, And its not showing on corsair link at all, I plugged it in exactly the same as I did with the H80i, I've uninstalled and reinstalled Corsair Link 3 times, and Disabled CPU_FAN in Q-fan control on Asus BIOS.


The Corsair logo LED has lit up, and the fans are also spinning not very fast though.



Ill attach an image below on how I have it connected.


I also plugged both of the fans into the 2 fan connectors from the pump block.


My device manager is also showing this






And Corsair Link





Anybody know the problem?



Red-Ray to the rescue? <3


Thank you.


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Red-Ray to the rescue?



From an admin command window do dism /online /get-drivers /format:table to check the drivers are there. Here I get:


oem14.inf | siusbxp.inf    | No | USB | Corsair Memory, Inc.     | 14-Jul-10 |
oem18.inf | hydros7289.inf | No | USB | Corsair Components, Inc. | 30-Oct-15 |


What Corsair things do you see.


In Device Manager right/click and choose update driver. What happens?


If the drivers are missing your could try the ones I attached to http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=856104

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I don't see any Corsair ones at all in the CMD, all just Razer/Intel/Nvidia/BenQ/AsusTEK.



When I try to update it from device manager this happens





I downloaded your hydros7289 folder, And clicked update again and selected to find from my desktop.


I managed to get them and its now showing in Corsair Link and Device manger but I think its not showing correctly, ill restart my PC and see if it changes.





^ thats how it looks now, its not showing fan speed.

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Should I go ahead an re-enable the CPU_FAN in my BIOS on Q-control? it was turned on for my H80i.


The Asetek H80iV2 is totally different to the CoolIT H80i and fan control needs to be disabled for the CPU_FAN header so the H80iV2 gets the constant +12 volts that it needs from the CPU_FAN header.


If it does not then typically it fails to report the fan speed.

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Then do you know how I can get Corsair Link to show my H80i V2s fan speeds? It says RPM 0, at the minute CPU_FAN is disabled in my bios under Q-fan control, im sure thats how you disable it on Asus.
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Nevermind, after checking my BIOS again quickly it seemed to have enabled itself again, I disabled it and now its showing my fan RPM in corsair link.



thanks alot red-ray, you helped me once again :).

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