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K95 slowly breaking


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so i want to start off by saying i have not much against corsair(except fix your forum, this is the second time ive typed this because of auto logout), the M65 i have works great even after 5 years(cant say the same for the G502 it replaced). however the k95 i got in January 2015 is not doing so well...

first off, i got a k95 with cherry mx reds which worked perfect for the first few months(if you dont count the inherent flaws with linear switches[double/triple/quad tapping on a single keystroke). however that was not to be for long. i started getting LED problems around fall-winter of the same year. programming certain keys for lighting produced unexpected results, ie. no lighting, wrong color, flickering lights, affecting adjacent (and sometimes more) keys that weren't lit/ different color and generally anything related to a short in the circuits. I submitted a ticket in January 2016 and corsair wanted to RMA it, which i decided against (stupid me).

shortly after, (spring- summer 2016) the keyboard started exhibiting more strange behavior. the w and a keys registered the entire row of keys, respectively. pressing w would type " qwertyuiop[]\" and pressing a twice would type "ASDFGHJKL;'asdfghjkl;''" though not always in the same order. leaving the KB in a hot car or on a heater would sometimes temporarily fix the problem. this might indicate more shorting issues, however i have NEVER spilled anything on the KB.

and more recently the d key has become unresponsive, requiring me to press down very hard and wiggle the key around, not very usable. also the keyboard may randomly disconnect and reconnnect several times in the same minute.

so the questions i have are as follows:

Are these problems common, for either this KB or others?

Are these issues going to get worse?

If i do decide to RMA, should i expect the same issues with the replacement? (not sure how long the warranty is)

if i dont, is it worth it trying to repair it myself? ( i have experience with sautering tools)

are these issues caused by moisture (KB is advertised as WATER resistant)?

should i cut my losses and buy another KB? (goodbye $170)

could heavy smoking be a factor?

to end, i want to like and use this KB because there are very few KBs out there like it but spending $170 on a keyboard to last not even 1.5 years vs a membrane keyboard for < $50 does not seem worth it.

if anyone has any recommendations, they are appreciated, as are any answers to the questions i have.

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