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H100i V2 Turning On & Off Fix


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Hi all,


I thought I'd post this here just in case someone else experiences this problem in the future. After searching for a solution on google, I couldn't find a fix, but I stumbled across my own.


The Issue:

I recently purchased a new H100i V2 for my system. After logging into Windows 10, I encountered a weird problem. The pump seemed to power cycle on and off. The led and the fans would flash on and spin up, then off and stop. In combination with this, Windows would play the USB connect and disconnect noise.


Here's a video of someone experiencing a very similar issue with an older version of the cooler:




Unusually, the pump worked fine when initially booting up and in the BIOS screen. The problem only started once I got to the Windows login screen.


Potential Solutions:

So after trying a number of the solutions that i came across, none of them seemed to work. I'll link them below here, just in case they fix other peoples issues:






What worked for me:

My issue was being caused by ASUS AI Suite. My motherboard is an ASUS MAXIMUS VII GENE. ASUS AI Suite is used for monitoring your system and overclocking from within Windows. It also has some fan control options, which I think were causing the problem.


If you have ASUS AI Suite or any similar ASUS software, try uninstalling it and rebooting your system. It fixed the problem and now my cooler is functioning as expected


I hope this helps anyone who might experience this in the future.

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Yes, competing control tools can often cause conflicts. Because the AI Suite tentacles run so deeply, the consequences can be more extreme than simple polling data errors. You generally need to choose one software package or the other. Make sure you use the AI Suite Cleaner Utility from Asus to completely remove it's drivers. Just uninstalling isn't enough.
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