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Mount H75 with H60 backplate/standoffs


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I'm getting a Corsair H75 in replacement of my H60 (it has started making a clicking noise under load, have to put my case on the side to stop it).


With the H60, the mounting backplate was extremely loose (I know it can be a little loose), so loose that I put another metal backplate between the backplate and the mobo. This way the standoffs are firmly fixed to the mobo.


I hope it won't be the same thing with the H75, but if it is, I wonder if I can use my actual H60 backplate+metal backplate setup to mount the H75 pump.


Because I don't think my metal backplate will fit the H75 round backplate, but the standoffs look the same so maybe?


What do you think, can I use the H60 backplate (and standoffs?) with my metal backplate to mount the H75 pump?

By the way, are the tightened standoffs to the mobo a bad thing somehow? (My temps are ok, thermal paste is well spread.)


Thank you for your help

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