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H80i GT: No USB 2.0 header


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Hey gang,


I have searched around the net and on here but did not see a definite answer that I noticed. Building a new mini ITX system and the board doesn't have a USB 2.0 header for the LINK cable. I have the radiator fans connected to the pump cables and the pump connected to the CPU fan header on the board.


I know I can't use LINK without the cable and from what I understand, the H80i GT's pump is adjustable through LINK. Without it, do the pump and fans run at full speed?


I currently have the system setup on a test bench, been running for about 45 minutes now sitting in the BIO and the CPU (i7 6700k) is sitting at 35c idle which is about right being down here in South Florida (room is around 75 F). The pump light is on but I don't hear anything from it at all.


Just want to make sure it will be fine without LINK.



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That's not an option since I'll loose the front USB ports since there is only 1 3.0 header. I can get the male header to male type A adapter and run it to one of the back USB ports if needed.


Just need to know if the pump runs at full speed without the LINK cable

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