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3 week old M65 Double Clicking and about to meet a sledgehammer


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So my old wireless Rat 9 finally took a dump after years of use. I already owned a Corsair headset(Void Gaming RGB) and a keyboard (STRAFE MX Brown) so I figured go complete the set and buy the mouse. I bought it 3 weeks ago yesterday and it is double clicking on an off. I've done some of the "fixes" I've read about online and nothing has worked. Getting quite pissed at this point that I even bought it. Anyone have any definitive fixes or ideas?
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Unplugged it, and replugged it

Reintalled CUE, then reinstalled it

Uninstall, restart, install, reboot

Checked firmware

Tried other USB slots

Checked on other computers(With and without CUE)

Even checked it on my macbook

I'm sure I've tried more things, but they escape me

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