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h110i GTX - When using Corsair Link there is a clicking noise from Rad


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Just built a new PC


If I do not use Corsair Link there is no clicking noise, or at least it is very, very uncommon. I usually hear it once on boot and not again. The noise has two parts, the first one sounds like a short suck noise or grind and then followed about .5s later by a tick.


As soon as Corsair Link is started it will make a clicking noise every 10s or so.


I have tried changing the pump and fan settings to all ranges and it does not change the frequency of the noise at all.


I have also taken the fans completely out of the equation and hooked them to my MB directly. Still hear the noise only when Corsair Link is running.


The tool looks to be useful but I cannot use it because the clicking is extremely irritating. This is my first AIO and I cannot think of why it would only make the noise with Link running and unless the Link software also manipulates fans connected to the MB directly, it seems to be from the Radiator which is also weird.


Even stranger when I look in AIDA64 after exiting Corsair Link it appears the pump and fans continue to run at the same exact speed I set them in Link.. but the noise stops.


The only other thing I can think to try is a different version of the software. Does anyone have experience with this?

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