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780T showcase pc and some problems:(


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my channel is growing rather fast in israel and asus already sponsored me a showcase pc :)

got the X99 STRIX with 1080 STRIX from them so i decided to make a nice pc for me( and them) kinda wishin corsair would jump in too but no response from PR as of now :).

ill give you guys a pic of the rig but the problem is both of the pannels dented and not fit perfectly( the solid 1 almost not fit at all)

anyway im with corsair support on this and i hope itll go on the best side since im really sick and tired from the disributer in israel.. its a 1 freaking day old case and he refuses to replace it!!!

just wanted to share my frustration with you guys :(

anyway a small light in a dark day... hope you love the pic :P


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no it wasnt.

even the foam was perfect thats why i took the case in the first place...

but the panels just not fit..

its not cables problems

its either the entire case offset or the panels are.

you can see the pics i put for the support

6804127 this is the ticket#

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kinda frustrating that a 1 day case cant get a decent warranty and i need to w8 and see ifeven corsair will replace it.

i still need to w8 for shippment.

ofc its not corsair fault but still a brand new case with no damged box shouldnt b defective IMO. :(

i just hope itll b resolved till next week cause i need to get this pc to ASUS to show it in a sponsored evvent they doing:(

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just curious...when you took it out of the foam were the side panels damaged ? I know they are very light and lack strength and if you are not careful when putting them down they can distort.....juts got mine 2 days ago and when I finished the build and put them back on they were slightly distorted but a little jiggling and they fitted nicely.......the 780T is a great looking case but wouldnt buy one again because they just lack strength
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im working as a pc builder. its not the first time i build in 780T.

everytime i put a panel away i make sure i put it down in the box aznd carefully so nbothing will damage it.

the panels are perfet looking exept the fact they not fit.

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If you haven't done so already, Make sure you upload a picture of your invoice as proof of purchase and pictures of the panel not fitting onto the case.


If the K95 is in warranty, you can request an RMA to get it replaced as well.

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i dont know :P

i guess its up to corsair.

so far im dealing with the panels on the case.

they sent 1 instead of both :(

got 1 today so i updated the ticket and asked if should i expect another shippment or was it a mistake and they sent only 1 panel:(

got the solid panel so far dont wanna use it incase i need to return it in exchange for the 2 panels...

kinda sad i have bad luck so far:(

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yeah i havvve good service from them.. i guess its a honest mistake.. cant blame some1 for bieng human right:P

talked with them on skype and they said they will send the other panel ASAP.. ill update here what will happen, i just hope the entire case body isnt offset and its really panels damaged:)

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