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Got me a Carbide 240 Case


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Well, suprise suprise.

I went with the Carbide 240 Case and not the Carbide 400C.


For a short time I even was drawn to the C70 Vengeance.


But I picked the 240 Air..

Parts will hopefully be soon all here.

Check Specs for whats going in!

I am hyped!!!



The C70 Vengeance will come as big project got a few ideas the past days for it that need fleshing out and financeing.


In the mean time I needed a upgrade from my current piece of s***.


Pictures soon!

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Is the GPU length info for the case incl. or excl. the preinstalled case fans?

Website lists GPU up to 290 mm.

I plan on putting a RX480 in.

Also I wanted to put a H100iv2 in now that radiator + fans add up to 55 mm in thickness the RX480 is 240 mm long.

That adds up to 295 mm.


Am I in trouble?

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I am afraid GPU width can also be an issue. You have to choose very carefully with the 240. Different partner manufacturers adjust the dimensions. The Asus 480 is fat at 137mm. That will not fit. See this. His card in the post was 140mm. A Sapphire 480 is only 110mm. I think that will work. Those were the only two I searched. You will need to look at all of them and go skinny. The problem is the skinny cards often then end up being longer. The inevitable conundrum and compromise in small form factor building.
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uh thanks for pointing that out


I check his card, the GTX 1070 MSI 8 X which is 140mm high

and mine is 138mm according to the specs...

guess i have to find out if it fits.. going by the pictures it should without problems...

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