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What happened to my keyboard?


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So I have the k70 keyboard and when I force quit out of Mass Effect 3 it then reloaded that save my keyboard went all wonky. Lights went to white/red and flashed and the keyboard would push random keys. I restarted my system and that worked out for my keyboard. When I tried to load that save again my keyboard did the same thing except this time restart the comp did not work. Fast forward to the next morning I try to plug the keyboard in and see how it works. at first there were a few problems but reinstalling CUE seemed to work out any of those problems except one. That one is my F3 key stays red no matter what color I set it to. As shown in the pic is what the keyboard is at in its current state. All other keys work just fine. What is the problem, why and how do I fix it.?


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