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No screws for standoffs in 780T


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None of the enclose black screws will fit the standoffs when mounting the motherboard...........ended up finding some of the old silver screws you use to use for putting brackets and GPUs on............. took a while to find them put they fitted perfectly even if they dont look the best..you know the sort....like a nut with a phillips head on the top


I see some reviewer said the case had a "cheap" plasticity feel about it....and I think I agree but its big and I can get my hands in it. Also thought you could fit a 140mm intake fan at the bottom but the fan fits but none of the holes line up......


oh..well, now to put the H115i on the cpu........

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If you want, you can request an RMA and request a replacement 780T accessories kit which should contain the screws needed to mount the motherboard in place.





You cant notice the silver nut Phillips head type I used........



but I think a shroud at the bottom would be good because the power cables look so messy


May have to request a data cable for the H115i ..... cant find it ( it was in the box because I did see that ( but it has wandered off

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