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Corsaid VOID RGB (wired) Sound cutting


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Hi people, i hve this headset since 3-4 months and everything was working fine up to some days ago.

My pc started crashing giving blue screen and i found that was the headset drivers, so i test my pc without the headset pluged in and with the drivers unistall and everything worked normal, now i pluged the headset and the sound is cutting off and installing the drivers also cut the sound Is there any fix for it?



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By sound cutting, Does Windows still see the headset connected to the computer?

Have you tried a different USB port?

Try the headset on another computer. Does it work fine?


I tried on other usb...is the same

i tried on other computer works fine!

Windows detect it


idk what could it be i wiped windows and installed again but keeps going on.


Any idea?

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