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Hi all


After a long wait for the Pascal GPU's, I am just about to put the finishing touches on my Mini ITX build by installing a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070. In advance of its arrival and installation, I'm concerned that the cooling of the system may not be adequate, hence my query regarding the optimal setup of the case.


At the moment, the case is in it's stock configuration with the 140mm intake fan and a 120mm side (exhaust?) fan. I don't have any water cooling in the case and nor do I plan to; maybe i'm a bit old fashioned but I don't believe in mixing water and electricity! :biggrin:


I was planning on ordering another 120mm side fan and a couple of 80mm exhaust fans for the rear of the case. Does anyone have any suggestions of the optimal fan configuration for my proposed set up? I presume that the stock side fan is installed as an exhaust fan?


My thinking at the moment would be to install the missing 120mm fan as an intake fan and then the two rear 80mm fans as exhaust fans. Another possibility would be to have the two rear 80mm fans as intake and then have both of the 120mm side fans as exhaust.


Any useful advice/suggestions/thoughts on the above would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks


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