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m65 DPI indicator LED Not working/off


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So I recently updated to firmware version 2.03 for my m65 rgb mouse. I have had this mouse for a while with no problems, but after this update the indicator light for the DPI does not seem to be on. I plugged it into a computer without CUE installed to check if it works and sure enough it does. I have done some back and forth with support and they offered me an RMA but I feel that this is not a hardware issue. I have reinstalled CUE and forced updates for both the firmware and CUE. I have tried different usb ports. The issue seems to be that the option to customize DPI colors is just missing from my CUE. I am okay with this, but I would really love to see this be fixed in a new update from Corsair. Any other help to get this solved would be much appreciated!


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