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H80i GT questions and problem


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ok, going to ask some questions that have probably been asked a few times, and before anyone says read forums and so forth... I have and all its done is confuse me further.


ok.. I have a H80i GT and a Asus Formula Maximus Vii Ranger



So i put the system together the other night and first off... does the orientation of the resivoir make a difference? (top/bottom)

so far a few people have said that it makes none and in the official installation video Jeff installs it with the res on top (eventhough in the manual it says to have it at the bottom)

is there any advantage/disadvantage to doing it either way??


I also seemed to have stripped the one standoff going into the backplate, BUT the pump/block seems to be securely attached (the thumbscrews are tight and the block doesnt move) and inside the UEFI the temps seem to stay around the 30 degree mark, so I assume it is all safe.

once windows is installed I will run a CPU load test (aida64) and see what happens


now... the issue I have. I have the pump plugged into the CPU_FAN header on the board and both fans are plugged into the Y-splitter comming from the pump.

I am getting a CPU Fan Error (press F1 to resume) how do I resolve this?

I have read that some places just switch the warning off

others say set the fan speed (sensor/warning/setting?? I have no idea) to 2000rpm

I havent tried any of it just yet, so just trying to get ome official answer or solution to this.

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1) Hose orientation should not matter. On an under-filled unit, it is possible you could get frequent gurgling, but that would not affect temperatures and would be more of an irritant. If that happens, you can switch it around or exchange the cooler.


2) Are you still getting a CPU_FAN boot error? In the BIOS Q-fan control, set the CPU fan header to "Full Speed" and PWM. That should eliminate other signals sent to the header and hopefully stop the boot error. It will also isolate the CPU header in AI Suite to prevent unintended changes.


3) Z97 board. What Haswell CPU are you using? I can't say much about the temperature since there is a substantial difference between a 4790k and a lower clocked model. Still, you are in the safe zone.

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If you are still at the stock frequency and AUTO voltage, you should be able to take a bit off by setting a specific Vcore value in the BIOS. Every CPU is a little different and I would prefer 4790 owners state what they think. Very popular CPU - lots of guides available.
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