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So I got my strafe rgb yesterday and I am loving it so far.

I also really wanted to have a lightning profile as close as possible to ducky 5 shine "shine mode".


I looked a bit at the forums and ended up modifying Krazykids profile. I really didn't like the whole wave thingy which would just illuminate everything at the same time.


This is my first shot at it. Have no clue of the software or rgb ( first corsair rgb keyboard for me) and I might end up tweaking it.

You really want to leave type lightning enabled and leave the timer at 10seconds. When you're done typing and look down you'll know what I mean. Pressing 1button doesn't do much here. You need to type in order to see the full effect.


Also in there is a shine3 profile from Krazykid which I intend to modify as well. But that's a coning soon I guess.


So credits go to Krazykid for laying the groundwork with his profiles so I could tweak them



Download (no adfly no referal no stupid one click host):

untouched strafe profile:







converted profiles by krazykid:







thanks for converting :)





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i edited my post with the new download link.


will post them on reddit for sure in a bit


edit: could a mod remove the "Strafe RGB" 'flair' from this thread please? :) its now for all the rgb boards i guess.

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uhm, well. i didnt know about cue2 until right now. what changed? can't i import profiles i had on cue1 to cue2 and just be done? cause if not i might not switch at all to cue2


You probably need to manually add a static layer for background lighting and fix some typeeffects. ;):

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Thanks. This is my new favorite profile :)

glad you enjoy it :)



You probably need to manually add a static layer for background lighting and fix some typeeffects. ;):


ye i figured.

sorry but i dont see myself upgrading to CUE 2.X anytime soon.

im not a poweruser of CUE 1.X and the Software is working perfectly for me. i dont want to deal with potential issues and waste time fixing those issues. therefore its unlikely that i will update this for 2.X


thanks for understanding

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