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H110i GTX pipes are pressed against the rear fan


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Hi guys


I'm looking for some advice. I've built a new rig with a H440 case and a H110i GTX AIO. I've installed it so that the inlet and outlet is at the rear of the case ,if I install it the other way round I would lose a hard drive caddy as it would get in the way). So with the inlet and outlet at the rear of the case, the radiator 'just' fits. I basically had to push the radiator back a couple of mm to all the screw hole align with the H440 mounts at the top if the case.


The problem now is that the outlet and inlet pipes are pushed against the rear exhaust fan casing, not on the blades. They contact about 1.5 -2 inches from the connection to the radiator. I was wondering if this would be an issue to worry about? Would it cause the pipe/radiator connection to leak over time?


I was thinking of replacing the 140mmx25mm exhaust fan with a low profile 15mm high fan, this would solve the issue but the exhaust airflow would be halfed.



Any advice would be great.



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I wouldn't be too concerned unless you really had to twist the tubing to get it to fit. It's rubber and has some natural flexibility. The weak spot is the insertion point on the radiator. As long as that is still fairly vertical, I'd say you are OK. The tube itself is not going to be affected.
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I installed on the top and on the outside of the case with a pull configuration,

works great!

I also had a problem with the hoses maybe hitting buy defiantly blocking some of the flow from the rear fan

I relocated the fan to the center 5.25 bay blowing on the sli and also have a huge fan in the front blowing in across the hard drives into the sli, with the cover on it;s just as cool as without it,

I took a jig saw to the top of the cover and made a shroud for the fans. awesome.

With the fans on top it's easy cleaning and fan replacement.

The radiator is fixed to the top of the case and doesn't have to messed with.

Fans easy on easy off.

click on the pic for a high definition close up.


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