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Destroyed Strafe RGB Spacbar Stabilizers


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Was trying to clean my keyboard because there was a stain underneath my spacebar.


I tried removing the spacebar keycap from the middle but it wouldn't go. Then I looked up online to try how to remove it like this: http://imgur.com/a/cjRJX


Thing is I don't have those prongs so I used my fingers.


Next thing you know the keyboard pops and the stabilizers are done and the spacebar keycap itself has a new piece permanently stuck to it. Also the silver string underneath is out of position.


2 Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/CChYJ


What can I do at this point?

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oh dear. uhhhh contact Corsair Support. see if they can RMA it.


Yea I submitted a ticket last night.


Just a reminder, don't try to remove the spacebar like I did. Gotta be careful, if it doesn't come off just let it go and try a different method.

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