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CX600 Q: & Installation


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Hi Forums,


Recently bought the CX600 , was pressed for time and my partner suggested a 500watt evga. My memory kicked in to the fact that I needed more than 500 to power my new graphics card, the 570 classified gtx. I saw a 600watt corsair, and have been interested in giving the company a shot since i saw a great mouse they made. Now I am a little skeptical because I have read that there are complaints regarding this apparent whining sound coming from the supply.


Is the "whining" sound consistent on all models of cx600?


How audible is this "whining" sound, really?


Does it always whine? I read that it is only occuring when the computer is powered off, which i do not really understand at all so some clarification on this is needed. Sleep mode?


Personally, leave my computer on with the screen off all the time, I like being able to receive messages when I am not at the computer and respond when I have time.



part 2 of questions Installation


Should i choose to stick with this unit, what precautions should i take during the installation?


Should i power it up without it being plugged in to anything?


should I plug in one thing at a time etc?


may sound a little stupid but i have not done any computer engineering for about 5-6 years and im a bit of a caveman. i like taking things apart and you know they usually re assemble looking a bit different. :D:



thanks for taking time to read and sorry for the repeat posts...


please be as detailed as possible about the sound issues. I mentioned to the store clerk that I cannot stand hearing fans and he did not say anything when I chose the corsair cx600... i can still return the unit so long as i do not unpackage it so please be honest. it may save me a lot of frustration.

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