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H80i v2 quality control?


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Dear corsair


Let me straight to the point

1st h80i have noisy pumps.. I rma-ed


2nd unit last 2-3 month suddenly pump failing..

While my pc running overnight, it suddenly shutdown because overheating

One pipe/tube hot ... another really cold...bios showing cpu fan(pump) speed 0

Tried shacking, reseating but as the cpu fan speed stay 0 the cpu temp rise fast from 60 to 90+ in few secs


Is this just my bad luck? Or corsair product quality downgrading?


Even corsair have easy rma service.. but if the product failing many times, it not worth the down time + possible hardware damage

Hope the 3rd will last good time... or no more corsair product for me

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Probably unlucky as it is not a common to see replacement units failing so soon.


If you haven't done so already, let Corsair know that you have replaced the cooler before and provide the previous RMA numbers. By doing this, Corsair may cover the return shipping of your unit as well.

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