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I would try to ask for help in the EVGA forums, because the EVGA mainboards are not that common overall and you might not even find a second user with that specific combination at all.


Yes, thank you. I have been in contact with EVGA support directly on this issue and we have determined the CPU is faulty. All my boards are EVGA and are quality products that perform well so I wouldn't have guessed they were uncommon but I was more shocked to find out form your signature that Yellowbeard passed away... :sigh!: It has been some time since I been on these forums..

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Wow, a faulty cpu is very rare :(


Also i was not questioning EVGA quality if that sounded like it, just referring to the overall market share and your fairly new MB model in addition to that. POST issues at XMP can go back to many different things like strap related issues (ratios), system agent voltage and general memory training issues at higher frequencies. When you get your new CPU and run into similar issues, try to go with manual settings, reuse the xmp timings, raise memory ratio from 2400 onwards step by step and cautiously increase VCCSA and/or VCCIO with it until you gain stability.


If you have to use 125 strap, keep in mind that you have to reduce other system ratios to account for the higher effective BCLK or you will overclock other system components with the memory.

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