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Passthrough fix


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Hello today I got my k70 lux rgb it works perfectly exept for the usb passthrough, it just did not work. I thought it would get fixed after a restart of my system. The restart did not work and because I had usb 3.0 I didn't put in both cables. After connecting both cables my passthrough started working.


So for everyone with a non working usb passthrough (but the rest is fine):

Disconnect the cable connected to usb 3.0

Connect the cable that was hanging loose first (the one with the arrows).

Connect the second cable (the one with the keyboard on it).


Have fun :toomuchin

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they should make that clearer. seeing as people arent getting the message that both ports need to be plugged in


Actually the manual says just 1 usb 3.0 has to be connected but they should change it in the manuals they are printing and change it in the booklet on their site. :biggrin: Not dissapointed with the rest of the product.

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