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Corsair DRAM Error =/


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Same problem as most of the DRAM error posts.

I Just built another computer. This is like my 5th.

Just got the


Corsair 512 DDR400 Ram

West Digi 80gb HD

MGE Case 400watt PSu

FX 5200 PCI / ATI 9600 XT

O ya and AMD 64 3000+ ( 2.0GHZ )



Connected everything booted and got no screen with the continuous long beep 1 after another ..... its only 1 stick and most of u guys have got the 1 stick working but i cant get even working. Really Bummed and need answers quick plzzzzzz. going to go try my friends DDR ram tommorow. umm if u can help me to even get a bios screen running i would really appreciate it. Should be something minor but not sure.


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Just checked my CPU in fine... then turned on PC - got Bios up, but sed i had no cd drives hooked up even tho they were. So i turned it off made sure everything was in rite then turned it back on and long continuoous beeps no post - Beeps=DRAM Error accoding to manual. So i called corsair and left a message cause i think there at lunch but know i dont know what to think cept mab PSU.


any ideas. :mad:

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You should have had a call beck by now, but what you have posted would suggest some other problem. I would try and clear the bios and then see if it will let you enter bios setup and load setup defaults and then set the Dim Voltage to +.2 Volts. If you can I would suggest you test the modules in another system.
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I will be testing my ram in a friends comp but i called Corsair and spoke to some1 they sed its mobo because i tested Mobo with a meter and all Voltages are correct. But when i called they sed take out ram and boot. And i still got the DRAM Error beeps soo he sed that means its mobo. so i called gigabyte and they no answer hold for like 20 min on a NON TOLL FREE Fone number. but i wrote an email - lets see if they are smart enought to respond. :evil: But how could i tell if its my CPU which im pretty sure its not??
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The part number is Corsair Value Select 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200 - Retail


Model# VS512MB400C3

Item # N82E16820145479


And i clear the BIOS by pulling out the batt for 5 min and i cleared the CMOS Jumper still same issues. My friend thinks it might be my CPU so i might get an RMA and get it REPAIRED by Newegg.com and see what that does for me. If any1 has any possible quick remedies plz tell me because i will be RMAing it back tomorrow :(:

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