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Overwatch Cooldown Profile

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This is my first profile and I wanted to make an Overwatch profile that was similar to the one that the game has for Razer keyboards. I used Aurora to see what the game was outputting and then made this profile based on that. It attempts to show countdowns on the abilities ( Flashing red / white ) for the abilities I could, but some, like reaper's teleport don't start the cooldown until a mouse input is hit. Also it doesn't track / cooldown the Ultimates as they all increase at vastly different rates based on what you are doing in game.


It has a Hero Chooser based on Schwitz's Overwatch Hero Picker. His awesome overwatch profile is at: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=159098


This profile has a mode for all heroes, including Ana. Scroll Lock will bring up the Hero Chooser and then they correspond by category left to right.



Overwatch CD.prf

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