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On board memory m65 rgb pro issues


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Occasionally in games my mouse will uncontrollably spin extremely fast. I play with 400dpi and low in game sensitivities, the fastest I should be able to do a 360 in any game would be maybe 9 inches, 18 the slowest. It is acting as if it was 3 inches to do a 360, but only on the horizontal side, vertically it is as if it were 100dpi.


I already did an RMA, thinking it was the sensor. At some point I had made a profile that had a similar separate x y axis. I am convinced this profile was somehow saved to memory on both mice. I only realized it could be a profile/onboard memory issue when i changed motherboard and upgraded to win 10 pro.


When In bios, or anytime cue is not running, this profile is used. I am guessing that when I spin uncontrollably in game for a few seconds, it is because cue crashes and restarts.


I noticed that even if I save to device memory, it does not get saved.


If I restart cue after saving a new profile, I see the triangle! symbol.


I opened up notepad and went through all the profiles I have saved on computer to find any profile that had the separate x y axis setting, I could not find it anywhere.


I have forced a firmware update multiple times to no avail.

I have reinstalled cue.


Do you have any suggestions? Maybe uninstalling the driver or device in device manager?

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