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Problem with my 2 sticks of 512MB 3200 XMS

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I'm having a problem with my two 3200 512 MB sticks of Corsair XMS memory. Whether running both sticks or just one stick my computer will often randomly blue screen (of death) or restart. I'm running Windows XP Pro (I have reformatted) and I'm using an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard. I've used just one stick and have the same problem and I've used different RAM and have not had the problem. Anyone have any thoughts?
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My settings that my BIOS gives me are as follows...


Athlon XP 2400

FSB 133mhz

Frequency Multiple 6.5

Memory Frequency by SPD

Resulting Frequency 200mhz

FSD Spread Spectrum - Disabled

DDR Reference voltage - 2.6V


Let me know if you need more, thanks for any help.

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I think you will find the system performs much better at these settings, but you can try and set the memory Freq. so it's running at DDR333 and see if that helps. But with AMD you should run the memory at the same frequency as you CPU for best performance!
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