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115i noise from pump and ticking fan


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Installed a 115i earlier in the week and have to say I'm disappointed with it.


1 of the supplied fans ticks, this ticking does not even seem to vary with speed so I'm not sure what it is.

Second issue is the pump, it's not silent, not even close.


I've run the corsair link software and set the profile to quiet and the pump can be heard. Fan speed is about 900rpm pump about 1800.


Thinking of getting it replaced.

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If the pump itself is making noise that is easily audible, then I would return it to the retailer and get a new one or get a refund.


It sure is. Thanks for the advice. I'll get it send back and replaced.

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Video of the pump noise from about 2 seconds in to around 7 seconds then I move the camera to the fan and at around 18 seconds to 21 seconds you can here the fan ticking noise. Then I move the camera back to the pump and you can here the pump noise again.



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