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Power Issue.


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Hi guys,


I registered just to ask about my problem with the brand new Strafe. I have no complaint with my Strafe at all, not until recently. Recently the CUE popped up and asked for firmware update (2.04 i guess) and i clicked yes; then it stuck at around 30%. I did some research and found out that the CUE problem and then i solved it. But now i have another problem; since i live in Vietnam so we have lots of sudden black-out. After the blackout my Strafe will act abnormal, the led will be on even though the power is off, pc shut down. It's just like this video from another guy





To fix this i have to disconnect 2 usb connection from the strafe. Start the PC, plug the keyboard in, then usb extra connection in then it will work normally. But after using the PC, i shut it down, i sleep and during my sleep if the power was cut down again (even my pc was shut properly) the next day i wake up the strafe will do the lighting randomly just as the video then i have to unplug the usb connection and do it again. What should i do in this case? Cause this one is so troublesome.


Hope to hear from you guys soon. And spare me for my language :[pouts:

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That's really strange actually. I attached the screen caps so please take a look. By the way the file that you gave it, when i tried to update it manually it said invalid file ( i tried for .zip file and .bin file both).



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No, the firmware file linked will not work with the normal STRAFE keyboard.

Contact technical support and see whether they can provide any suggestions.


If you are not using one yet, Investing in a UPS (uninterruptible Power Supply) may be useful if you do encounter blackouts regularly.

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