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Paperclip testing RM650 - unsure of results


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Hi guys,


I tried searching for an answer to this question, but no dice. I'm building my desktop and suspect the RM650 I ordered online is defective. The beep codes from my ASUS Z170 mobo are signaling a hardware failure and none of the RAM/VGA/CPU lights are going off. So I've been trying to test the PSU to see if that's the cause of the problem.


I did the paperclip test and am unsure of the results. I've read online that you should hook it up to some fans to ensure it recognizes load and start properly. I did that, and when I turn the power on, the case fans do start spinning but the PSU fan itself does not.


I know that the PSU fan won't start until it reaches a certain load/temperature. I'm breadboarding the PC right now so I can troubleshoot what's wrong and I don't think I'll be able to test the load capacity in this state.


So, if the case fans are spinning but the PSU fan is not, is that a sign that the PSU is working? Is there another way that I can test that the PSU is in working order?



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You should also test the voltage of each pin of the 24 pin connector using a voltmeter. There are several videos on how to do this and what voltage in each of the connectors should be. I had an issue with my first build a few years ago. I doubted it was the power supply but I did not have another one to test my breadboard with. Short of RMA ing the unit this helped me eliminate the cause and as it turned out it was the mobo.
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