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LED issue with my new K65 RGB Lux (help needed)


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Hello everyone!


Last week I got myself a brand new K65 lux keyboard. I'm using it for a week now and it's amazing! I really like the look and feel of the keyboard. Unfortunately I have an issue with the keyboard and don't know what's causing it and how to solve it.


The issue I'm experiencing with my keyboard seems only to occur when I'm using a dynamic lightning profile. At random moments some of the lights will go off and on very quickly and it's allmost everytime happening to the same keys. Mostly the 0 and P keys. They go off and on on the same time it's like they're connected somehow. I noticed that some keys have this issue while the most keys are working perfectly fine. Also when I'm using static profiles there is no problem at all.


I already tried to do a fresh install of the driver and tried the keyboard on a different computer but without success. I really hope it's a software issue that can be fixed instead of a hardware defect that needs RMA. So any help or advice are very welcome!



I hope that my description was clear enough to understand the problem otherwise I can take a video of my keyboard and upload it somewhere.

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Hello Henry,


Thanks for the reply! The software I'm using is Corsair Utility Engine 1.16.42 with firmware version 2.05 running on the keyboard. My operating system is windows 7 professional 64 bit.


The frequency of the leds go off and on seems totally random to me. Sometimes it will happen several times per minute and sometimes it won't happen at all. I can not backtrace the led problem to a specific action on my pc.


Let me know if you need any additionial information!

Have a nice day.

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What dynamic lighting profile are you using? The standard pre-made ones or custom user made profiles?


If you are using the standard pre made ones like rainbow wave, spiral rainbow and the LEDs turn off, try reflashing the firmware by force flashing it via CUE.

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So I tried updating the firmware (I did this via CUE by 'force update from server'), but the problem still exists. I hope that's what you meant with force flashing the firmware via CUE otherwise you have to guide me through the right process.


I think I just send my keyboard back because this is not something you want to deal with

when paid 140 euros for a keyboard.

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