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color problems in single keys and possible fix, also suggestion for future designs


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I have a small problem every now and then with some keys not displaying the correct color in my k70 rgb, most of the time is the red channel in the rgb leds but it can affect all the channels of the led and display crazy colors compared to the one selected in cue


the first time it happened was after 2 or 3 weeks of use so i contacted support and first they gave me a new firmware but it didn't work and they told me to send it back to amazon cause i bought it there and i dont live in a contry with direct corsair support, i send it back, got a new one and the same thing happened again after 1 month but this time i actually look at the keyboard closely to see what was the problem, i had the keyboard in my hands and the key with the problem started displaying the right color but one of the keys next to it started having the same problem, i removed the keycaps, and then cleaned the keyboard with a small brush and compresed air, and the problem stopped, after some thinking and observation i noticed it is caused by dust or small particles that can get to the pcb through the gaps in the back plate below the long keys like the space bar or particles that get stuck in the switches, in my case is mostly hair, im losing a lot of it. but it can be anything small enough.


Now that i know what the problem is, whenever i see a color error in a key i remove the keycap and just blow over the switch or use a small shot of compressed air and the problem goes away, i also use a small vacuum when im cleaning my keyboard to avoid problems.


Maybe for future products those gaps in the backplate can be avoided to stop dust and particles from getting behind the backplate and do something to the switches so particles can't get inside them

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