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Not liking my new K65 RBG keyboard... at all


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Hey folks, I bought a K65 RBG in May 2016 from Best Buy. Out of the gate, i did not really like it but now it has me frustrated to the point where it is going to meet my 12 guage shotgun if I can not find a solution.... and this was the keyboard all my serious gaming friends swear by.


I am a BF4 gamer and rely on the WASD keys for movement. Many times a game, my player will just stop in the middle of action (in a tank, helo, or ground troop). I will have W pressed and be moving fine and then I just stop. i have to disengage the key and reengage it to move again. Time and again, this delay is the difference between winning a battle or dying.:evil:


i could not find anything in the forum but possibly don't know the right meta data to search on.


any suggestions or target practice?


thanks for any help...

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