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corsair XMS pc3200 is really pc2700?


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Hello i have 2 sticks of pc3200 XMS v 1.0, which i've had for a few years. Ive never had a mobo that would run it at ddr400 until now. I recently upgraded to an ABIT IC7G-Maz II and a P4e 800 fsb. My computer boots under ddr333 specs, which is odd. So i ran CPU-Z to see what the ram timings are programed at, and it shows one of my pc3200 sticks is really a pc2700. I swapped the sticks to verify that it was really the stick ,and the issue follows. I manually set the cpu/dram ratio in the bios to 1/1 (200/200) and i have to manually set the cas to 2. Now im pretty sure its all running in ddr400 cas2 now and it all works fine but, im not confident that im not over stressing this stick. I heard that some older pc2300 were programmed with

PC2700 timings in the SPD chip because, at the time, there wasn't a JEDEC

standard for PC3200.

Main question is , should i send this stick in for RMA to get the correcty timed memory or is this just a read problem and the memory is fine running at ddr400,



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